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Post 1: Websites to Earn Free BTC Or Be Paid-To-Click!

April 2, 2013

Hello and Welcome:

This is the first blog post I have ever made so bare with me but Basically the way it is set up right now is just click on the link, you will be processed through CoinURL to help monetize content then click the arrow in the upper right corner after a few seconds to proceed to the intended website. Enjoy! feel free to donate if you like what you see.

Donations address: 1JbC6STrJQtKb5HifUUSiokjmG3FQ2n13J

Lets get started:

1) BitVisitor : BitVisitor is the first website and is beyond easy to earn free btc. All you have to do is enter your blockchain wallet address, press enter and you have to spend 5 minutes viewing the page… what I do is just minimize it and continue working on something else for a couple minutes. The way to earn your BTC credit is when the 5 minute timer is up a green arrow will appear in the upper right hand corner. When you press this button, a new website will appear, a new timer of 5 minutes will start and you will be earning another pay out. BitVisitor has always paid quickly and in decent amounts. You can also pay to have your own website as part of the rotation to increase traffic and they have a pretty good referral program.

2) EarnFreeBit : EarnFreeBit is very similar to BitVisitor. You view several different websites and get paid for each one you visit. Again, you can open this website up and minimize it for the time that is required then open and navigate to the next one when it is time to. Unlike BitVisitor, instead of having to wait 5 minutes per page you only have to wait 3 minutes per page!

3) Bitcoin Addict : Bitcoin Addict is a unique website. You don’t have to do anything at all but once every 24 hours you can enter your wallet address and get a free amount of btc. Every time you refresh the page it shows a different amount you can claim so you can try several times to try and get the highest amount you can but once you claim one thats all you get for 24 hours and once a day they also give a jackpot prize away of a good amount. easy btc=good in my book.

4) CoinVisitor : CoinVisitor is similar to both BitVisitor and EarnFreeBit, but you only have to wait 9 seconds per page! the payout is not as large but do it a everyday and it adds up and you can request a payout of your btc at anytime. I definitely recommend doing it everyday and it’ll pay well.

5) : Again, another site where you will spend 3 minutes per webpage you are on but get paid per visit…simple, free, bitcoins…

6) NetLookUp : easy to use, enter your info once then come back multiple times and it pays decent.

7) Bitcoiner : Normally only one small payment per day but something is more than nothing.

8) CoinWorker : CoinWorker is one of my FAVORITE websites to earn free Bitcoins. Its basically like mining with your mind, complete offers for points, you can cash out once you get 180 points which can honestly be done multiple times a day if you’re willing to put a little time into it but there are offers for all types of things from crowd sourcing research to surveys, answering questions, or giving advice. Once again, one of my favorite websites that I go to almost everyday to earn some money in my free time. Be careful if you are in school or at work though because when you watch the money pile up its easy to get distracted from what you should be doing haha

9) BitCrate : Easy enough, go to Bitcrate and wait for it to load. Play the game…collect your Bitcoins. Very easy and fast payouts but sometime you might have to check back multiple times a day because they faucet gets empty quickly but also is reloaded quickly. They also offer a chat box on the side to see what the status of current payouts are.

10) BitHits : extremely simple to use. Enter your Bitcoin address once a day and collect the benefits while sitting back. Not the largest pay outs but once again… some is better than none.

11) Bunny Run Game : I really like this website… easy to use and free payouts. Complete the captcha, pick a bunny that you think will be the fastest then start the race. No matter what place your bunny comes in (1st 2nd 3rd or 4th) you will get paid. Of course if in first place you will earn more than if your bunny comes in last but its free to do once a day.

12) Know A Bit More : This website is similar to those like Bitvisitor but instead of pointlessly sitting there waiting for the time to die down you can read the webpage you’re looking at for a few seconds then answer a question about the website. If you answer it correctly then you get paid and move to the next website. Good payouts and they pay quickly so this website is another one of my favorite ones to visit.

13) Pyramining : This is a very interesting website. It does not give free Bitcoins right away like the rest but what I did was make an account, send your free bitcoins you earn into the Pyramining structure and your basically purchasing part of a mining pools rewards, the more people and more btc you refer and send in the more return on investment you will make. I currently have about 2.5 BTC invested with them earning 44.2% return on them so it can be very lucrative, definitely if you’re earning free Bitcoins for investing the free Bitcoins you earned from this website 🙂

14) Bitcoin Street Faucet : This faucet simply gives you free bitcoins for entering valid information.

15) CoinAd : CoinAd is nice because you don’t have to do anything at all…Simply go to the website everyday, enter your wallet address and they will send you a payment. fast and and easy.

16) FreeDigitalMoney : FreeDigitalMoney is a great website for earning free btc. There are a ton of offers to complete surveys, play games, or watch youtube videos for btc and they pay quickly so this is another recommended website from me.

17) CoinReaper : CoinReaper is a very useful website. It combines a couple of different Bitcoin websites that offer free btc all in one area and allows for you to hit multiple websites in one spot. very handy and definitely worth while to check it out.

18) Skude : Skude is very similar to CoinReaper, has some of the same websites but also some different ones from time to time so it also is another one to check out for free btc.

19) TagPad : Tagpad is basically a bookmarking service that pays btc for bookmarking good websites and tagging them appropriately. They also offer addition btc to the most popular marked websites.

Paid to Click Services:

On top of Bitcoins I will also try to compose a list of these PTC (paid to click) services. These services are an easy way to earn a little extra money by quickly viewing ads, websites, or videos. Right now the payout goes through papypal or other digital currencies but the way I see it is if you earn a good amount now, when/if they start accepting and sending bitcoins then you will already be ahead of the game. Enjoy.



RollingBux is a sister website to RollingBux provides higher earning potential of up to .02 per click and a low payout of only 2 USD. This is an extremely new site without a lot of members but is highly recommended for the admins Professionalism. Check it out today! free to join

Click-Linx :

There is a brand new PTC (Paid to Click) website that is currently emerging into the PTC world market. is looking to become the leader in online advertising services while providing a great area for members to earn real cash for visiting others’ websites as well as viewing ads, videos, emails, etc. We are currently in beta testing so rewards can be given to new members that sign up and are willing to provide feedback about the good, bad, and the ugly things that can be corrected with the website. Visit today to start earning or start driving unique traffic to your website to increase sales and/or awareness of your product or service!

-No investment required
-everything is free unless you want to purchase add ons
-honest admin support
-quick payouts
-low minimum payout limit of only .25 cents!



1) ClixSense :  By far the number one PTC service I have come across so far. Most professional format and service and definitely my most recommended website. Some of the highest pay per clicks or views and one of the best referral programs too. check it out.

2) NocBux : I like NocBux because it is a newly formed PTC website (April 7, 2013) so users have a  chance to get in at the ground floor of this PTC service and have an option to make more money. Also users can rent referrals up to 100 at a time for only .19 ea which is not bad compared to some other websites.

3) CashnHits : CashnHits is not a Bitcoin website yet but it currently offers cash to view some ads, very simple and proven to pay our reliably. Hoping in the near future they start paying in BTC considering they’re already accepting other digital currencies so keep your eye on this one. ALSO they have an amazing auto surf feature where you can view up to 800 ads but just minimize the window and it’ll auto surf to the next video every 60 seconds… easy money.

4) NeoBux : Neobux is one of the larger PTC services and they pay very well. I would suggest Neobux right after you visit ClixSense.

5) Twickerz : Twickerz is another top PTC website and for premium members they pay up to .04 per click. If anything at all I would segguest that you sign up for these first 3 PTC websites because they will provide the best pay that fastest. Of course additional income is never a bad thing so sign up for the rest if you want also 🙂

6) ProBux : Probux is another very high paying PTC website. They have a great referral program and depending on how serious your trying to get with it, they have great options for premium members to make a ton of money but you also have to shell out a decent investment up front. still highly recommended.

7) ClickFair : ClickFair is another Paid to click website in which you can get paid for briefly views ads, low cash out balance of only $1 I believe but depends on your account type, I just use the free one.

8) CashCamel : Cash Camel caught my attention right away because they provide a cash out in only 72hours, up to 100 ads per day and they do not have a cash out minimum which is very rare with PTC websites.

9) Incentria : pays well, up to .01 per click, quick cash outs with only a single dollar as the minimum. They also have a really well put together referral program that can lead to larger payouts.

Bitcoin Exchanges:

1) MtGox : MtGox is the largest Bitcoin exchange where you can buy or sell Bitcoins if you do not feel like spending the time on earning them yourself. Generally accepted price of Bitcoins come from MtGox quotes.

2) Campbx : Campbx is another large Bitcoin exchange and the one that I personally use myself because of how easy and secure it is to use. I would actually recommend this over Mtgox if you’re trying to jump into Bitcoin right away. Plus you get a 10% discount on transaction fees if you sign up through the link I have provided.

  1. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was conducting a little research on this. And he in fact bought me dinner because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this matter here on your web page.

    • UK Freebies: Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will answer anything pertaining to Bitcoin or Paid to Click websites you have… or hey, just if you want to stop by and say whats up! Also, Thank you for the forward of my site, Im trying to build awareness for both Bitcoin and to help people make a little money in their spare time.

  2. Great article, totally what I was looking for.

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  4. Hi! We just launched where we pay users in btc to view short vids. We are paying a .0001 btc bonus to all new users. As well, we have a high paying referral system integrated! We would love to be on your list 🙂

  5. Thanks for this.

  6. Great list! I’ll be checking these sites to find new features for my own site Thanks again for the list!

  7. Great resource for people who are just starting out collecting free bitcoin online. Some of the faucets have since closed down, but that’s the nature of the beast 🙂 Overall it’s a pretty comprehensive list. I’ve got a resource site as well – – that reviews some of the higher paying freebies out there.

  8. A great site about money online:

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  10. startrek permalink

    Great article. I’ve heard about online bitcoin mining, and bitcoinplus was the only site I could find for it. It seems to have stopped working though. Do you by chance know of any other online mining sites like that?

  11. Bitcoins will that be easy to have ? Thanks for posting most are very informative!

  12. Ola seyi permalink

    Woh! This site and has a lot of info thank you for taking your time to put up this site.please can you refer me for pyramining I could not register

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